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Robotized palletizing of bags

For one of our clients, we have completed the project of a robotic palletizing station for peat bags. The stand has been integrated with the client's weighing and packing machine.

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Machining - another implementation

Milling, turning, drilling and threading in steel. At the customer's request, the elements can also be surface treated

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Welding machine

A semi-automatic station for welding steel sleeves into plastic elements with visual process control.


SmartWell Robotics, part of the PlastiWell International Group, was established as part of the transformation Mecanaya has been present on the market for many years. The changes taking place are aimed at increasing and developing the potential of SmartWell Robotics and opening new markets to it i opportunities in synergy with PlastiWell International Group. SmartWell Robotics continues and creatively develops the achievements of Mecanaya, which as a leader in industry for many years has provided its customers with the latest solutions using the know-how in terms of concept preparation, development, as well as implementation and project implementation.


We specialize in the design and integration of industrial automation and robotics systems, control and measurement devices and transport systems. We deal with comprehensive implementation of automation systems, robotics and industrial mechatronics. We design, build, modernize and service machines and production lines. The solutions, machines and devices we manufacture are tailored to specific requirements of our clients by implementing the most demanding processes. We have completed several hundred successful new automation projects commissioning and modification of existing production lines. We are open to all, even the most unusual inquiries.

We automate processes

Assembly of two or more elements

with the possibility of supplementing with gluing, lubrication and process correctness control.

Forcing two or more elements to a given depth with the possibility of force and displacement control.

Connecting elements by welding, welding, gluing or stamping – also as part of a larger process.

Embedding various types of cables on connectors and connectors with force measurement and process correctness.

Screwing and nut driving with torque, angle and depth control, with manual or automatic component feed.

Leakage measurements, vision analyzes, process correctness control, electrical and trim tests, geometry measurements.

Palletization of bags, boxes, trays and others – with the use of industrial robots and plate or portal palletizers.



Assembly stations

Manual, semi-automatic and automatic assembly station, with the version of the process verification and correctness.


Screwing stations

Semi-automatic and automatic screwdriving stations for torque and position with the possibility of automatic feeding of screws.


Shaped sockets and tools

Made in accordance with the client’s design or Mecanay’s design, dedicated gauges, shaped sockets and tools.

Robotized stations

The stations are built with the use of classic industrial robots and collaborative robots.


Production lines

Sets of semi-automatic, automatic and robotic stations, combined into a system that implements a specific sequence in the process.

Leak testers

Stands for air and water tightness tests, also with the use of the SmartWell LT 250 FLEX PN tester.


Electrical cabinets

Prepared on the basis of the client’s own project or the Mecanay project, using certified high-quality components.


Dedicated conveyors

Conveyors designed and manufactured in accordance with the customer’s requirements for specific applications in the process.


Test stands

Strength test stands, process correctness tests, EOL test stands, climate chambers.

Marking stations

Inkjet, hot-stamping, pad printing, dot peen and laser marking stations with verification of correctness.

Traceability systems

Local systems covering the selected process or production line, or all processes carried out in the plant.

Robotics grippers

Customer or Mecanay-designed grippers for robots, manipulators or pickers for specific applications.

Our products

Automation concepts

At the request of our clients, we prepare comprehensive concepts for the automation of production processes.


We provide warranty and post-warranty services - also for machines from other manufacturers.

CNC milling and turning

At the request of our clients, we prepare comprehensive concepts for the automation of production processes.

Technical projects

We provide design services in the field of mechatronics and electrics based on the advanced Solidworks software environment.


We carry out modifications and extensions of machines, adapting them to new references or supplementing them with new functionalities.

Risk analysis

We prepare risk analyzes - both for individual machines and entire production lines - along with proposed changes.

Major industries




Metal processing

Processing of plastics


Bulk materials industry